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Articles available online

"Room for Debate: Fewer People Saying 'No'"
The New York Times Online, March 24, 2011

A short opinion piece written on the occasion of Elizabeth Taylor's death that contrasts the freedoms and protections afforded stars during the studio era versus today.

"Fuller's Most Fascinating Flop"
The Velvet Light Trap 64, Fall 2009

A reflection on Park Row, Samuel Fuller's valentine to the history of American journalism and an instructive lesson in the rewards and risks of independent production.

"Me and Sam Fuller"
The Criterion Collection Online Cinematheque, December 29, 2008

An exploration of the cult appeal of Samuel Fuller and what drew me to write a book about his work.

“Miramax's Asian Experiment: Creating a Model for Crossover Hits”
Scope, February 2008

An analysis of Miramax’s strategies for acquiring and distributing Hong Kong action films in the United States and their implications for film culture

“Camera Movement”
The Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, 2007

A discussion of the different types and functions of camera movement in cinema, camera movement and the long take, and the signature camera movements of directors Max Ophuls and Kenji Mizoguchi

“Canon and Canonicity”
The Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, 2007

A discussion of early attempts to form a film canon, the influence of André Bazin and auteurism on canon formation, and contemporary challenges to the established canon